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Don’t Let The World Leave Your Learners Behind

The world is constantly changing. Every career is requiring more and more knowledge in math and technology. Don’t let your students fall behind and teach them the math of the future. Through our tried and true techniques, your students will not only meet, but exceed academically with their international peers. 


You'll never hate math again

The African Math program is a play based system that uses fun math puzzles instead of problems to teach advanced math concepts. Even teachers who hate math will soon learn to love it through interactive, easy to follow math games.


Closing the gap

There have been languishing achievement gaps in math performance amongst learners of African decent for decades. We want to share our 10+ years of research in indigenous knowledge systems and ancient math tools to benefit learners across the globe.


future proof

We believe in lasting change, which is why we offer professional development for schools and educational institutions so future learners can experience all the joy learning has to offer. 

Jelani ByrdInstructional Math Consultant

Jelani’s first introduction to Mathematics was like many others. As a child, Jelani was taught to memorize math facts with flash cards as his foundation to learning basic arithmetic. This left him with a sense of math anxiety because he had no understanding of what the symbols on his cards meant. He loved to learn and wanted to understand the material, but the way he was learning made him feel lost and hopeless. He asked himself, “Is math for me?” This all changed as Jelani started learning the Bitric System as a tween. A fun, play based learning curriculum built to counteract the exact issues he was facing with rote memorization methods. The techniques and methods he learned from Bitric went on to help him become an Honor roll student. Achieving straight A’s through both High School and college. Now his goal is to help others achieve the same math proficiency as he did and share the joy of learning with the world.

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We’ll get an idea of what your institution needs and how we can best fit. We’ve found that materials have a direct correlation to student performance.

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