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Amazing presentation! Thanks for hosting us again! There is a wealth of information to be mined from [Indigenous Knowledge Systems], including the fact that humans have a natural affinity for math if it is taught with tactile applications like the abacus.

Elek Reitsma – 

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Who are we?

AFRICAN MATH® is an ancient mathematics system which thrived throughout the entire continent of Africa since the prehistoric era until it fell out of common use due to social upheavals caused by The Maafa.  This once lost ancient African Indigenous Knowledge system has been revived and is being reintroduced as a modern math program.

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The African Math program is a play based system that uses fun math puzzles instead of problems to teach advanced math concepts. Even teachers who hate math will soon learn to love it through interactive, easy to follow math games.


Closing the gap

There have been languishing achievement gaps in math performance amongst learners of African decent for decades. We want to share our 10+ years of research in indigenous knowledge systems and ancient math tools to benefit learners across the globe.


Lasting Change

We believe in lasting change, which is why we offer professional development for schools and educational institutions so future learners can experience all the joy learning has to offer. Our methods have been used for thousands of years. 

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